Panasonic 4.0L Electric Thermo Pot NC-EG4000

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  • Brand : Panasonic
  • Model : NC-EG4000
  • Cafe Boiling Installed
  • Charcoal coated non-stick interior
  • 4 Keep-Warm Temperature Selection
  • Capacity : 4.0 L
  • Body Color : White body
  • Heater Power : 700W

Panasonic 4.0L Electric Thermo Pot NC-EG4000

This high-quality, mid-capacity thermo pot is perfect for great-tasting tea, slow-drip coffees, noodles, instant cereals, soups and other hot foods and beverages. Front-facing touch buttons make it simple to use, and it’s portable. A large loop handle makes it easy to carry, and a 360° rotating base provides convenient access from any side of a table, buffet or counter.

Slow-Drip Coffee Mode

Enjoy fresh, drip-brewed coffees with the push of a button. Place a cup or carafe beneath the hot water dispenser, put filtration in place, add ground coffee and touch slow drip mode. Once boiled, hot water flow is slowed to brew hot, fresh slow-drip coffee in the morning, or anytime throughout the day.

Everyone’s Cup of Tea

Four precise settings automatically heat and keep water hot for hours. A choice of 208, 190, 180 and 160°F produces the temperatures most ideally suited to the intricacies and flavors of different types and blends of tea. By bringing out the true character of tea, everyone can easily enjoy their favorites.

Soups, Cereals and More

This versatile thermo pot can also be set to any and all of the optimum temperatures you need to quickly prepare and enjoy instant soups and cereals, baby foods, noodles, hot cocoa and other family favorites.

Bincho-Tan Charcoal Coating

The surface of the stainless-steel inner pot is precision coated with bincho-tan charcoal to purify and alkalize the pH level of hot water, and naturally extract more flavorful elements in tea. A non-stick coating of diamond fluorine is also added to ensure durability and easy cleaning.

Touch Button Controls

Front-facing touch buttons easily set and control all temperatures and modes, including slow-drip coffee, water reboil and programming the thermo pot’s energy-saving six-hour timer.

Instant-View Water Gauge

An enlarged, easy-to-see gauge includes a bright red floating indicator to accurately display water level, and let you know when refilling is needed.

Quick and Neat Refilling

A removable, push-button lid opens wide for quicker, more convenient refilling, and minimizes spills while adding water.

Total Portability

Designed for everyday use, the family-friendly NC-EG4000 hot water dispenser is also ideal for gatherings and entertaining. To maximize convenience, the thermo pot includes a detachable power cord and large loop handle to easily transport the pot from one room to another, or to a different location.

Easy Reach for Everyone

A smooth, 360° rotating base also makes it comfortable and convenient for everyone to access the thermo pot from any side of a dinner or serving table, buffet or counter. Plus, a handy electric dispenser makes it safe and easy to dispense hot water.

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