Panasonic MCCG520R Canister Vacuum Cleaner (1400W)

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The Panasonic MCCG520R Canister Vacuum Cleaner is the ideal choice to enhance your lifestyle. Protect your family with the HEPA filter from the infectious allergens as the canister is powerful enough to collect fine dust particles. Furthermore, it works smoothly on your floors.

The canister vacuum

Canister Vacuums are capable of cleaning floors, stairs, drape and upholstery. They can clean hard floors, under the table or over the ceiling. They produce less noise while cleaning. The extension cord offers easy access to clean the unreachable areas like corners, or grooves of the room.

Looks and style

The Panasonic MCCG520R has an attractive design. The stylish combination of red and black colors brings in the elegance. This appliance constantly offers excellent quality to yield best results.

The crevice tool

The unique crevice tool having the narrow end is used to clean wall corners, floor skirting, corners of bookshelves, painting frames, unused spaces and other small areas.

Filter system

The Panasonic MCCG520R vacuum cleaner finely filters the dust particles. It is connected to the HEPA filter, which is an essential addition for those who are allergic or asthmatic. It is designed diligently to eliminate pathogens, allergens and radioactive particles from the air to maintain an allergy-free home.

The filter traps the fine dust particles and lets the air to be free from dust. It maintains hygienic through this tranquil process.

Heavy duty motor for powerful suction

Enjoy more benefits with 1400W powered vacuum cleaner. It sucks the fine dust particles much faster with its powerful suction.

Get rid of dirt and grime, hidden away in tricky corners and carpets. Drapes or delicate rugs get the perfectly cleaning with the 400W power suction ensures even, consistent and gentle cleaning that removes hard stains underneath your furniture.

Power control

Avoid damaging the delicate fabrics or floor coverings. The power control dial is remarkably simple which helps you to adjust the power required.

The cord and metallic wand

Nothing is out of reach with the metallic wand and an extra-long cord that delivers a superior operating radius. It extends up to 5m, vacuuming the entire floor, including large rooms. It is highly durable.

The dust collector

Bag-type vacuums tend to hold more dirt, and releases less dust into the air. Emptying them at ease promotes the hygienic atmosphere.

Floor nozzle

The floor nozzle is particularly designed to clean the floors with sand or loose dirt and protects the floor from scratches. Using wide nozzles can help in cleaning large areas.

The comfort zone

The vacuum cleaner is light in weight and easy to carry and the compact design offers flexibility and mobility to clean the walls and carpeted areas.


  • Automatic cord rewind for convenience
  • 1400W / 400W Powerful Suction for perfect cleaning
  • Power control dials for easy power adjustment
  • HEPA antibacterial filter for screening fine dust particles
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