Panasonic Hand Blender MX-S101

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  • Brand : Panasonic
  • Model : MX-S101
  • 4-Blade Blender2 Main slice blade & 2 Stir-slice blade
  • Safety Function Child Lock + 2 Step Switch
  • Double Motor Protection Circuit Breaker + Termostat
  • Made in China

Panasonic Hand Blender MX-S101

  • Powerful and Precise Preparation for Various Cuisines : The new Panasonic hand blender features innovative blending technology and useful attachments. Try using it to make silky smooth juices and soups, and to prepare a wide variety of dishes.

  • 4-Blade Blending System : This system consists of curved, single-edge blades that thoroughly stir and roughly cut ingredients, and straight, single-edge blades that catch the ingredients and finely cut them.

  • Original Hood Form for Superior Results : The notched hood efficiently draws in the ingredients and circulates them, while preventing them from scattering.

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