• Panasonic Instant Water Heater DH-3KE1

    • Magic health water heater and shower
    • Power consumption: 3.6kW
    • Without booster pump
    • Water pressure: Max 380kPa – Min 9.8kPa
    • With temperature control
    • e-Cycle (Patent Pending) – alternates between hot and cold temperature to improve blood circulation, massage, detoxify and relax the body
    • e-Hybrid – water and air bubbles combine to create ultrasonic waves that cleanse and refresh the body with negative ions that are beneficial for health
    • Round shower head 3-way spray and 1 beat mode
    • Ag+ crystal anti-bacterial shower plate
    • Eco-saving
    • Includes sliding rail with shower holder and filter
    • 9 safety points – including splashproof case, built-in ELB, flow sensor, auto thermal cut-off and non-combustible polyamide heater tank

    Warranty: 1 Year Spare Parts & 2 Year Spare Parts

    ৳ 17,700.00৳ 18,500.00

    Panasonic Instant Water Heater DH-3KE1

    ৳ 17,700.00৳ 18,500.00

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